How to Leverage Your Social Media Presence to Build Your Brand

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Did you know that 54% of social media users research products using social media before purchasing? (source: GlobalWebIndex) It has never been more important to create a strong social media presence that is an extension of your brand.

Here are a few other stats you should know:

  • 71% of people are more likely to purchase products and services based on social media referrals (source: Hubspot).
  • 33% of internet users would rather contact a brand via social media than call them (source: OptinMonster)
  • 64% of users make a purchase after watching a video on social media (source: Biteable)

As a business owner, you should know that being active on social media can help you to attract new clients, maintain existing ones, and build a solid reputation online. However, with so many businesses–old and new–on social media platforms, standing out can feel overwhelming. In this post, I’ll share tips on how to brand your social media presence for success.

How to Leverage Your Social Media Presence to Build a Memorable Brand

Start with Your Why

The strongest brands start by looking inward to understand their “why”. What drives your business? What are your values, mission statements, and goals? Understanding your “why” will significantly impact your branding efforts, it is the foundation of all branding strategies.

Choose Your Story

Your brand story is the bridge between your business and your clients. It helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level and creates an emotional connection. Be authentic, share your unique perspective, and create content around it. Define how you want to be perceived and be consistent with your messaging across all social media platforms.

Choose Your Visuals

Visuals are the backbone of your brand. Be consistent with your choice of color palette, typography, and design aesthetics. Regardless of the platform you’re posting on, ensure that all visuals align with your brand and your website. Remember, your brand should be recognizable and memorable in every visual element of your content.

Develop a Strong Voice

Your brand’s voice is one of the best ways to set your brand apart from your competitors. The approach to your tone should remain consistent, regardless of the platform you use. Ensure that social media posts share a similar personality and tone to that of your website and marketing materials. By having a strong voice, you build trust with your audience, which increases the chances of converting them into long-term clients and customers.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging with your audience on social media, responding to comments and messages, sharing user-generated content, and even asking questions can help you create a loyal and engaged community. The posts you create should be tailored to provide value. By creating rapport, you connect with your audience and it gives you the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers.

Final Thoughts on How to Leverage Your Social Media Presence to Build a Memorable Brand

Crafting a memorable brand on social media that stands out can feel overwhelming, but by following these tips, you can leverage your social media presence to build your brand. Start with your “why”, create a compelling story, choose consistent visuals, and develop a strong voice. Engage with your audience and foster a loyal community. By investing time in your social media brand, you can attract new clients, maintain existing ones, and build your online reputation.

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