I am also a Brand Strategist, Showit Website Designer, and Founder of Briarcroft Lane Design Studio. If you ask those closest to me, they'd tell you I'm also the go-to friend to sit down with over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to dish all things dreams, business, and design with a side of encouragement when you need it most. I love nothing more than doing the same with fellow female founders and small business owners–which is why I adore what I do so much.

Whether we are working together one-on-one on your brand and online presence or have become internet friends who share business tips, I know how important the way others perceive you is. My desire is to make crafting a cohesive, strategic brand and online presence as fun and insightful as possible so you walk away with the confidence you need to thrive as a business owner.

Hi! I'm Christiana, your new business bestie.

Want a brand of your own to proudly show off?

With collaboration at the heart of our signature process, together we will strengthen your brand and online presence so that when you leave the room, people are saying exactly what you want them to.

Whether you are looking for custom branding and Showit website design, or the Brand Experiences, our expedited VIP offers that take less than one week, I'll expertly guide you through a clear, concise process that is insightful and leaves you newfound confidence and passion for your business.


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